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This is a project about a search. The search for the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary. In any place and at any time a door can be opened to another dimension that can only be reached through an altered state of consciousness, in a mysterious trance. Only in this way can new realities be created through the objective representation of what we see.

The Ghost Has No Home (title stolen from a wonderful Cocteau Twins song) is an attempt to reveal those hidden layers of reality that lie beneath the mundane, as if it were a ghost summoned through a medium. The forces that operate under the yoke of the subconscious come to light transformed into images of that unusual world. We no longer know if we have changed or things have changed, our look becomes strange: are we surrounded by ghosts or are we the ghosts?

The ghost has no home.

It has been lost in the endless hours of time, wandering in the night of dust and sand. It could reveal itself anywhere, touch the tangible, but remains asleep. Suddenly a wakefulness,

just a breath: he’s there, he has come home.

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